Who Should Manage Your Company’s Online Reviews?

Having a business in today’s world means that your company, products or services are going to be discussed by your customers on the Internet, especially on online review sites such as Yelp or CitySearch.

As a business, the best thing that you can do is to have someone or something monitoring these review sites so that you can see what your customers are saying about you, both good and bad. This way, you can actively respond to the reviews to thank happy customers for their continued dedication or to try and resolve any negative issues that a person may have had.

Websites like Review Trackers are available to help you easily monitor all of the online review sites for your company. This program will scour all the Review Sites on the Internet looking for specific keywords, and they will notify you once a new review has been found. This way, you can respond to these reviews in a timely fashion.

Even after companies have implemented a review monitoring program, though, they still don’t have any idea about who should be managing these online reviews. As a business, you have a few options to choose from, and the following are your best choices. 


It has been found that most customers are more willing to accept information from managers. When you respond to an online review, you should always give the customer your full name and position at the company to make them feel as if they’re talking to a person and not a canned computer response.

When your customers hear from a manager, it makes them feel more comfortable with the response that they receive, and it makes them feel as if the response they receive is legitimate. Plus, managers tend to have the authority to make situations better. For example, if a customer complained about something, the manager would have the authority to provide a discount or coupon as a way to apologize. This is why putting a manager in charge of online reviews is a great idea for customer satisfaction.

PR Representative

Your PR representative is another great person to put in charge of your online review sites. These people are masters in talking with the public and putting your company in the best possible light, which is why they’re a perfect choice.

Your PR representative will know exactly what to say to make positive reviewers feel special and to make negative reviewers change their mind. Plus, most PR reps also have authority to give away discounts or promotions to alleviate situations, or they know who to talk to in order to get the authorization.

Social Media Managers

Your company’s social media manager can be another great choice for managing your online reviews. These individuals are already in charge of your social media accounts, and most companies consider online reviews and extension of social media, making it an easy fit. Plus, most social media managers have also dealt with their fair share of online issues, so they know how to handle them appropriately.

Garrett Payne is a business professional specializing in review tracking.  He enjoys blogging and often shares tips with other businesses about managing their online review alerts.