10 Tips To Protect Your Home When Leaving On Vacation

If you are planning to be out of town for a few days, you should take precautions to make sure your home is protected while you are away. There are some very easy and efficient methods you can use to prevent intruders from entering your property while you are away.

*Cancel newspaper delivery

*Have the post office hold your mail

*Park a car in your driveway

*Check your voicemail message

 Stop Intruders by Pretending You are Home

The easiest way to keep intruders from trying to enter your house is to make it look as though someone is still there. If newspapers and mail start accumulating outside your front door, people will get the impression no one is home. If you can not cancel your newspaper delivery, you can ask one of your neighbors to pick it up for you so they do not pile up. The post office will hold mail for you upon request.

Another way to make people think you are home when you are not, is to have a car parked in your driveway. If you do not own a second vehicle, you can ask a neighbor if they would mind parking in your driveway every once in a while, until you return. The appearance and disappearance of the car will reinforce the illusion of someone being home.

If you have a phone service or a machine that accepts messages, do not leave an outgoing message stating you will be gone for a period of time. Keep the message neutral and simply state you are unavailable to get to the phone at the moment.

*Use automated lights

*Lock all windows and doors

*Leave curtains partially open

*Be careful about what you blog

 Common Sense Precautions

Most people know they need to lock their doors and windows when leaving home for an extended period of time. What you might forget to do is lock the basement windows or the doors on your garage. Many thefts occur by people entering unlocked garages and stealing valuable lawn equipment or bicycles.

Automated lights are lights which can be set to turn on using a timer. These are available as both indoor and outdoor lights. When the indoor light is used in combination with partially opened curtains, it really gives the illusion of someone being home. While it might not sound practical to leave your curtains open, intruders often case neighborhoods during the day to see if anything seems out of place. Drawn curtains during the day could tip them off.

People often forget that the Internet is used by predators. If you routinely e-mail friends and family about what you do, or posts blogs on a website, you might want to keep from mentioning you will be gone. It is safer to call people on the phone and let them know than to send the information over the Internet.

*Invest in an alarm system

*Keep a neighborhood watch

 Proven Methods for Home Security

You can invest in an affordable alarm to help protect your home. A basic alarm system will be wired to the entrances and windows on the first floor. Another good system to use is a neighborhood watch. This is a group of people from the neighborhood who will patrol the area in the evenings to make sure there is no suspicious activity going on.

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