Internet Marketing Strategies That Work

There are plenty of blogs out there that will promise you the world in internet marketing.  There are tips and advice that really is just about promoting the blog that you are reading the content on.  When starting your local internet marketing,  Make sure to take a step back and ask yourself what that blogger gets from giving you great advice.  This article is nothing but great tactics that if followed, you will find success.

Our number one tip for a successful internet marketing campaign includes using Twitter.   Although the number one search engine is Google, twitter search functionality is growing at a faster rate than any previous website.  I would guess in less than 9 months, twitter will be the 2nd largest search engine on the internet.  Every time someone sends out a tweet, it is becoming indexed and saved by Google.  What this means to you is if you have a 100,000 followers on Google, and you submit a message that gets retweeted by 10% of them, you will have your content indexed 10,000 times on the internet.  That is a very powerful tool that if done right, can have a huge impact of your company.

The second best advice regarding internet marketing I could share would be to start a SEO campaign right now!  Don’t even finish this article (well maybe you should to get the tips).  SEO is the power of getting your website in front of the eyeballs of people looking for you.  The best advice we could give you is to do some research about keywords regarding your company. Get a good list of keywords and make sure these keywords are in the Meta title tags of your website.  That is the single best location to have all of your keywords.  In the Google search returns, you will see the blue text is the actual page title of the website that is loaded.

There are a couple simple rules about how to set up your meta tags.  Your title tag should never be more that 60 characters.  Your Meta description should never be more than 160 characters.  You should always include unique keywords to each page of your site.  No more that 5-7 keywords per page.  If you follow these rules, your site will rank faster and stronger.

Best of luck in your marketing efforts.  These tips have been given to you by a Phoenix internet marketing company.