How to Have an Old-Fashioned Do Good Christmas

Christmas comes sooner every year in order to get people to buy more products. Many people complain that we’ve forgotten the true meaning of Christmas. Those who make those observations remember the days when Christmas was a time of giving to the less fortunate in honor of the birth of Christ.

Even if you’re not a believer whose Christmas centers around the religious meaning of the season, this is a great time for your family to remember the less fortunate and incorporate a sense of good works into your children who tend to think only of themselves at Christmastime.

There are several ways to help your family celebrate Christmas in a giving way either through organizations that have a program in place to help the needy or you can decide your family’s own plan of action. As long as what you decide to do brings a feeling that someone cares to the ones you serve and a sense of thanksgiving to your family for the blessings they enjoy, you have a winning combination

Giving donations of money, food and clothing to charitable groups is good, but to get a real sense of giving should include anything that will place your family face to face with the poor. Most families are so far removed from the less fortunate that they have no sense of what real poverty is like.  When people get up close and personal, not only are they more appreciative of their own blessings, but they feel even more blessed when they become a blessing to others..

In order to have a more hands-on experience of giving, here are two suggestions.

You can join many of the local causes that feed the poor a Christmas meal. You can help cook, serve, set up or clean up after a meal for the poor on Christmas day. These events usually happen during the middle of the day. For a bigger effect on your kids, put off opening presents and eating Christmas dinner until after you’ve helped serve the meal to the poor and watch the difference in your kids.  You’ll see a new attitude of gratitude for how you’ve sacrificed for them to have the things they wanted for Christmas.

Another ideal place to spend Christmas morning is in a rest home. Find one not too far from home and call to see if they allow visitors on Christmas day. If you have smaller kids, pick a day to do simple crafts that they can give to some of the residents in the nursing home, especially those that have no family to come visit them. Not only will your family bring smiles and happiness to those who are lonely on Christmas day, but your family will have the sense of being a blessing to others who have no family.

After you’ve spent the morning helping the less fortunate have a better Christmas than they ever dreamed possible, go home, open presents, eat Christmas dinner and count your blessings.

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