A Fun Twist on the Traditional Fountain

Nothing says unique and individual like a water fountain, and out of all the multitude of fountain styles and configurations the most singular is the bubble wall. These ultra-modern and ultra-unique wall fountains are a favorite of upscale entertainment venues such as trendy restaurants, bars and lounges, and dance clubs. With a variety of wild and wonderful designs and an endless array of colors and shapes, a bubble wall is an extraordinary way to enhance any type of space.

Water fountains have long been a beloved part of societies all over the world. From ancient times people have venerated water and created beautiful and unique objects in which to gather and utilize this most precious of resources. As our technology advance so too did the way we built and designed water fountains. The very first fountains only functioned with gravity to create pressure as the water flowed down a gradient. The astounding aqueducts of Rome are a prime example of these earliest of fountains.

It was only with the invention of steam pumps that we were able to really begin to build our beloved and cherished fountains in all cities and towns all over the world. As fountains lost their functionality and began to be sculptures in their own right they grew ever more elaborate and complicated. There were emphatically ornate fountains built in classical styles, such as baroque and new designs that pushed the envelope of artistic expression, such as the neo-classical and Art-Deco styles.

As technology marched along our innovations with the fountain marched alongside. Today many modern fountains are controlled by computer and their action is timed into wondrous displays of color, music, and visual exhibitionism. The Bellagio fountains of Las Vegas, Nevada are a wonderful and famous example of this time of water show. Laser lights, powerful and moving music accompany these fantastically operated water spouts so that the sprays literally “dance”. In fact, the Bellagio fountains are often called the “dancing fountains”.

With these wonderful new technologies came the possibilities of new art forms and expressions of creativity. The bubble wall fountain was a result of this very thing. Lit from within, often with LED lights that can be programmed to dance and twinkle in myriad ways, and full of effervescent and whimsical displays of bubbles, nothing says modern and contemporary quite like a bubble wall. These singular and special fountain designs are great for business spaces in a number of ways.

Any bubble wall can also incorporate the logo of a company or business. What better way to draw attention to your office or building lobby than with these utterly individual and unique fountains? No one who steps foot within sight of a bubble fountain can resist its whimsy and contemporary beauty. These distinct and unusual twists on the typical wall fountain make a lasting impression and create a magical and enjoyable space in any area. Make your space one of a kind with a bubble wall fountain. Nothing can compare to their attractiveness or individuality.

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