Is It Worth Buying Winter Tyres?

Owning a car in the modern age is extremely costly. Whilst most of us tend to focus on the rising price of fuel, be it petrol or diesel, part replacements and repairs can also cost a significant amount.

As you’ll probably know from your own experience of owning a car, many car owners are looking towards economising – rather than continuing to pay exorbitant upkeep costs.

So understandably because of these costs you might question whether winter tyres are worth buying or not. After all they are essentially car tyres that only work effectively during a small period of time.

However, here are three reasons why you might want to purchase a good set of winter tyres for your car:

  • Rough weather:

Winter is a very volatile season weather-wise; one minute you’ll be driving through heavy showers, whilst the next you’ll be driving in snow.

During these spells roads can become treacherous – and with very little warning. You might find that your regular car tyres don’t grip the road as effectively in these conditions.

  • Special treads:

Designed to hug the road when conditions aren’t particularly friendly, a good set of winter tyres will feature special treads. These treads are a little deeper than those on standard tyres and allow for a considerably better amount of traction.

  • Safety:

Though there’s nothing wrong with all-weather tyres, as the name suggests they do possess a weakness in that they aren’t designed specifically to cope in conditions of snow and ice.

You’ve probably driven in these icy conditions many a time – so you’ll know how dangerous they can be.  Standard tyres don’t grip the road particularly well in icy conditions, making staying on the road ahead a real tough task.

With a good set of winter tyres though it is possible to make driving in the snow and ice considerably easier – just because of the grip they can provide.

Though the idea of replacing these car tyres come April might not appeal to everyone, they are certainly worth investing in.

Remember, if you swap standard all-weather car tyres for a set of winter tyres, you could be protecting them against seasonal wear, making them more effective when you refit them in the spring.

Despite the perceived inconvenience of buying and getting them fitted, winter tyres serve an important purpose, especially for those motorists that regularly navigate the winding UK’s winding country roads that don’t necessarily get gritted every day.

A good set of these seasonal tyres could ultimately prevent a severe accident from occurring – protecting you, the driver, other motorists on the road from serious harm and your car from becoming a wreck.

As a car owner, Louisa Jenkins likes to keep herself regularly up-to-date with the latest developments in the world of motoring. Naturally she also takes a keen interest in car safety, in particular winter tyres.