What Makes You Constantly Tired?

There are so many things that can make you tired but if you feel tired even before you do anything, like early in the morning or even in the evening when you feel that the lack of energy is completely unwarranted, then you are very likely suffering from chronic tiredness. So, what exactly are the top causes of the tiredness problem?

a) Poor sleep habits – as much as sleeping is good, how you sleep is the greatest determinant of how revived your body will be and how revitalized your brain will be when you get up. You will need to observe proper sleeping habits that include a good sleep pattern, comfortable sleeping materials and sleeping uninterrupted for between 5 and 7 hours every night.

b) Eating habits also matter a lot. Since different foods metabolize at varying rates, not all foods are right for any time. For instance, you should not eat heavy just before going to bed and there are stimulant foods that should not be taken in large quantities. Eat healthy and focus on eating less food more frequently than large chunks of food twice or thrice.

c) Stress is another big concern that can make you feel constantly tired, a tired brain will mean a tired body and vice versa. There are many ways to get rid of stress but you have to be open minded, understand what causes the stress and be willing to adopt a healthier lifestyle that will reduce stress.

d) Activity and exercise – Staying active will not make you tired, instead it makes you relaxed and more energetic. You have to stop being lazy and instead start exercising several times a week continuously. Since your body automatically adapts to your energy requirements, you will be stronger if you undertake exercises that will make you stronger and more active in your daily life.