Three Scenarios Where a Cooling Tower Rental Can Save The Day

Even if you feel secure with your current cooling system, you simply never know when something is going to go wrong. Accidents happen, unexpected breakdowns occur, and emergency situations can arise with little to no warning. It doesn’t make sense, financially or practically, to purchase a cooling tower on short notice. Instead, in dire times like these, a reliable and affordable cooling tower rental can go a long way by saving you money and a huge hassle. Below are three sample scenarios in which a rental would certainly come in handy.

Emergency Cooling After an Outage

If your existing cooler breaks down and requires repair or replacement, you definitely won’t want to sweat things out in the meantime. By bringing in a rental cooling tower, you ensure that you, your employees, and your clients and/or customers stay comfortable in your building. In addition, renting a cooling tower is the more cost-efficient option when compared to making rush repairs or purchasing a new cooling system without proper and thorough research. With a rental in place, you can take the proper steps to repairing your existing system without the pressure and rush of trying to get the temperature back into a reasonable range.

Temporary Cooling During Construction

With a wide variety of fluid coolers and rental cooling towers available just a phone call away, building owners and managers can bridge the cooling gap during routine maintenance or construction. When cooling systems are expected to be out, arranging to have a rental unit brought in ahead of time will pay huge dividends. Cooling towers can be rented standalone or as a complete industrial cooling solution to keep things nice and cool until the regular system is back up and running.

Special Event Cooling

While your current cooling system might be able to get the job done under normal conditions, extenuating circumstances can change things quite quickly. For example, special events with larger groups of people will drive the temperature up, calling for more cooling power. Or, perhaps you are hoping to cool a temporary setting like a large outdoor tent. Regardless of the reason, renting a cooling tower is an efficient and reliable way to control the temperatures at your special event or gathering.

No matter your particular industry, it is important to be aware of potential problems and special situations that can arise with your cooling system. In times of need – whether expected or unexpected – a cooling tower rental can be the ideal solution to keep temperatures comfortable without breaking the bank.

Heather Beleno is constantly trying to stay up to date on what is new and trending in the business industry.