Four Clever Ways to Optimize an Underutilized Vertical Space

Is your home starting to look cramped because it has run out of room for storage? If so, you are probably looking at having an outdoor room built to house your excess items. Before you invest on a storage shed or start building an extension to your home, though, try looking up first. You probably have a lot of underutilized vertical spaces that are just waiting for a little TLC.

Don’t let these surfaces go to waste because they might be the solutions you need to address your storage issues. They might even help you in having some of your design or decorative ideas to come into fruition. So if you are ready, here are four ways to maximize the storage and decorating potentials of those vertical spaces.

Embrace stackables, open shelving, modular storage or tall shelves

Vertical spaces are a prime real estate for storage. All you have to do is set storage units against the walls and use them to conveniently store a wide range of items. Doing this allows for optimum space utilization with minimal inconvenience.

There are numerous storage solutions in the market today that you can use to make the most of your vertical space. Stackables, for instance, are a space-saving genius as they let you save more floor space since they can be stacked on top of each other. Freestanding shelves, on the other hand, are intentionally designed to befit even the most oddly shaped room and are available in nearly any height you can think of. Modular storage solutions offer you the convenience of prefabricated construction with the added flexibility of customizing your design; while open and floating shelves not only let you organize things vertically, they are also perfect for showcasing common objects as decorative collections.

Try loft-style living

When you were just a kid, you probably share your bedroom with your sibling. And chances are you have the bunk bed arrangement to keep the floor space open. That’s the beauty of having numerous vertical spaces, you can use them to experience loft-style living. The installation doesn’t have to be limited to loft beds or bunk beds alone. You may choose to custom design and build an upper room or story and use it as a an extra bed space or work area. Then, dedicate the space underneath for storage or reading nook.

Start a vertical garden

If you love tending plants, rather than cluttering your windowsills with pots of herbs, greens and blooms, consider installing a vertical garden on one wall. This is a great way to satisfy your green thumb without the need to use a lot of real estate.

You can purchase small vertical gardening kits in local gardening stores or nursery. These kits have all the components you need to start your own vertical garden. They are also easy to install, which means you don’t have to hire a pro to get your wall garden started.

Create a wall art

You’ve probably collected a lot of photos from your vacations. Or, if you’re good at painting or drawing, some of your personal work are likely stacked inside the closet. Put them into good use by showcasing them on your vertical space. Place them in coordinated frames and arrange them on the expanse of a wall. For an unexpected twist, try elevating some of the pieces at a ceiling height or suspend them from the ceiling itself. Remember, bare walls are no fun, so if you have too many of them, you can inject some character to these surfaces by adding artistic pieces.

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