Wallpaper in Your Kitchen-Is it a Good Idea?

Wallpaper has made a comeback, and many homeowners are starting to use it to decorate walls in their homes instead of sticking to just paint.

Most people use wallpaper to accent walls in their dining room, living room or bedroom, and some people are now wondering if they should put wallpaper in their kitchen. In order to determine if that’s a good idea, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons.

Pro: You have a wide variety of colors and designs.

There are thousands of different wallpaper colors and designs to choose from, and you can easily use wallpaper in your kitchen to add a pop of color or design to the room. Plus, since there are so many, you’ll easily be able to choose a wallpaper that matches your home’s current décor.

Con: It won’t last forever.

If you put wallpaper up in your bedroom or living room, it will last for a significantly long period of time. But if you use wallpaper in the kitchen, it will be exposed to more humid and hot conditions, and this constant exposure will make the glue holding the wallpaper wear off more quickly, and you could end up with loose (or even fallen) wallpaper in your kitchen after a very short period of time.

Pro: It’s a cheap way to decorate.

Wallpaper is a generally cheap way to add some style to the walls in your kitchen, especially if you find remnant rolls. Just make sure to always buy a bit more than you think you will need, just to ensure that you’ll make up for corners or any pieces that may have torn.

Con: They don’t clean well.

If you choose a wallpaper that is more of a fabric-like texture, you will find it very difficult to clean, especially since they will be exposed to more food particles and splashes. Even if you use a more vinyl-based wallpaper, it may not be able to withstand the harsher chemicals you clean with, and you could end up tearing your wallpaper and having to replace smaller sections of it on a regular basis.

Pro: It’s an easy fix.

Most of today’s wallpaper is very easy to apply to your walls, and you can have a very nice looking kitchen in just one day. You’ll also want to make sure that you buy wallpaper that is made for bathrooms, as these are manufactured to resist water.

Con: Changing it can be difficult.

If you have a painted kitchen and you want to change the color or style, all you’ll have to do is paint the walls a different color, and this is easy to do. If you use wallpaper and you want to change the wallpaper or paint the walls, you’ll have to remove the wallpaper first, and if you’ve never removed wallpaper before, it’s not the easiest of tasks.

If you’re trying to determine if using wallpaper in your kitchen is a good idea, you’ll have to decide if the cons outweigh the pros or vice versa, and then you’ll be able to make the best decision for your home.

Johana Smith lives in Evanston IL, and writes for Moshells. She loves DIY projects for the home and always looking for great deals in home improvement materials and resources.