How to Choose the Perfect Business Mentor

Whether you’re just getting started with a business or just have big dreams, a business mentor can help you travel the right path. However, not everyone makes a good mentor. Whether you choose someone who actually listens to what you have to say or someone that doesn’t hold back, you can have a mentor that helps you meet your goals. The following are just five tips on how to choose the perfect business mentor.

Find a Mentor That Listens

Don’t be mistaken. While a mentor is there to give you advice, he should also be able to listen to your goals. If he can’t listen, how do you expect him to give you advice that is relevant to your business? A meeting with your mentor should be a mixture of talking and listening and asking and answering questions. A mentor that doesn’t have time to listen isn’t the right mentor for you.

Choose a Mentor That Has the Same Values

Your mentor needs to share the same values as you or the time you spend together could put you two-steps behind. By finding someone that shares the same values, you can learn invaluable tips that will help you succeed from the very beginning. For example, if you want to beat the competition, but want to do so ethically, don’t choose a business mentor that uses underhanded tactics.

Look for Someone Who Can Teach

Being able to be a successful businessman is a great quality for a mentor to have, but he must also be able to teach you how to be successful. Some businessman simply aren’t good at teaching. For example, the businessman may not be able to give you step-by-step advice on creating a successful business. On the other hand, you do want a mentor that is more than a teacher and has real business experience.

Seek Out a Mentor That Helps You Grow

A good business mentor will help you determine short-term and long-term goals and help you work toward achieving those goals. For example, weekly or monthly meetings can help ensure you stay on track and even get you back on track if something didn’t go as planned. A good mentor will also provide constructive criticism that will help you grow into a successful businessman.

Get a Mentor That Doesn’t Hold Back

The mentor you choose should never be afraid to give you inside information on what being a businessman is truly like. You will learn things that could squash your fantasies, but you’ll also learn how to set realistic goals.

You don’t have to go it alone when starting a business. Having a business mentor can help you reach success at a quick rate. However, you need to make sure to choose the perfect mentor or risk wasting your time.

About the Author: Cliff Fauteux is a human resources rep. He’s in charge of applicant tracking systems, training, and mentorship programs.