How to choose a perfect chair

When I was in school we didn’t have the internet facility or computer in our home and we needed to visit the cyber café. I remember those long queues and the 1-2 hrs of waiting for getting a pc. If we were early we could get a chair in outside room of the café where the black chandelier light was enlightening our long wait.

Those days are gone and we have a computer and internet connection in our own home but I still remember the odd café chairs we had that place. I own a cyber café now and here are some tips to choose a good chair for your café.

a)      Always consider no of workstations you are going to fit in the given place as that will decide the size of the chair you req.

b)      Café chairs should be free moving, the user need not to adjust it for every task.

c)       It should be comfortable to sit. Remember where it becomes discomfort the customer will not come back for sure.

d)      Customers are not your families so they will be harsh on the chair sometimes so always choose a high quality durable chair.

e)      Chair height should be appropriate according to the pc height. It should not put pressure on the customer’s hand.

f)       Never choose handless chairs they will put extreme pressure on hands in a long use.

As discussed in above points the chair should be perfect for sitting that is comfortable freely moving and easy to sit on. A happy customer will refer you and come back for sure. Be careful if you are buying wooden chairs as they can be heavy and kind become frustration due to wearing out of them. Always remember if the customer is happy you are happy at the end.