Lady Pocket Watches

Women may contest that the wristwatch is convenient to tell time. But for those who want more than just a time piece, but a piece of history, it would appropriate to grab a pocket watch. They are beautifully designed with embedded jewelry and personality. Pocket watches are the best current option to differ from the mainstream, albeit generic, use of mainstream wristwatches.

There are plenty of designs and designer lady pocket watches on the market now. They don’t require batteries and can be wound once to last a life time. They are durable and can withstand many different trends in fashion, both as a statement and accessory. Many of these are either gold or silver plated and go well with many types of dress.

But beware of fake and counterfeit ladies pocket watches. There are a lot of these being sold in the market that may look like the real thing but are especially blunt and they do not last a very long time. Some of them may have even come from the black market. Some of them may have parts that have come from the black market. So beware, always make sure that the person you are dealing with is trustworthy. It is always better to have an authentic watch.

Female pocket watches are usually priced at around a few hundred dollars for new, and a few thousand for antique. They can start from $300 a piece but escalate to 2 grand when antiques are auctioned off.

For those in need of gifts for loved ones, a very special message can easily be engraved on the back of the pocket watch. You can have this done in the jewelry store you purchased from and often time for no charge. Also, make sure to buy your ladies pocket watch from reliable sources and assure they are authentic. Most genuine pieces will come with a certificate and expensive ones are usually insured.