The Best Business Advice I Ever Had

I have been in business for a very long time now, however I still remember some advice I received in my early days which really changed my way of thinking and is something I have stuck to in every business I have ever launched.

That is the simple principle of “Under Promising, but over delivering”.

Keeping your customers happy is the main part of your business as it as the customers who give you the money to keep afloat. So it’s important to try every tactic you can to keep your customers happy and loyal to you. Someone gave me the above advice and you will be amazed at how successful it is. Especially considering you often aren’t actually over delivering.

I used to run a mail order company in the internets early years and business was good. However, there was often a lot of hassle with orders and mail service every now and then. Some people’s items hadn’t arrived exactly on time so they would email or call up which wasted a lot of our time having to deal with it. We used to tell customers to expect delivery within the next two days, however it was true that sometimes we wouldn’t even be able to send the item out until two days later anyway. This was bad business on our part I admit however I felt we would lose customers if we told them that the wait might be up to a week.

However, someone showed me differently. They said be honest with your customers and tell them it might be at least a week for delivery then try your hardest to get it to them the next day.

That was exactly what we did. We changed all standard delivery times to a week but I actually employed a new member of staff to make sure items were sent the day of the purchase.

Many customers even sent in emails to say how we had pleasantly surprised them by getting the item to them so fast. All of a sudden I noticed more and more repeat orders from the same customers. This was something I had never noticed before and I am very sure it was all down to that simple premise, “Under Promise, Over Deliver”.

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