What Is the Best SEO Plugin for WordPress?

WordPress is developed with the support of search engine optimization or SEO. A search engine optimization is an Internet marketing strategy that improves the visibility of a webpage via the search results of online searchers. For example, when you search about “WordPress plugins” and key in those words on Google, you’ll be directed to a list of articles relevant to your keywords. Those articles on the first page list had received high ranking in the search engine. In marketing language, the more you promote your site, the more visitors it will generate and may be on top of the list. That’s what SEO does. A search engine optimizer edits the terms or HTML codes of the website content to make the webpage more accessible for researchers. The optimizer must be able to assume the role of a researcher and internalize the possible keywords the latter may type in. The search engine allows an expanse of search possibilities such as image search, video search, music search, academic search, news search, etc.

Consequently, since WordPress has been one of the most popular publishing platforms at present, content management system developers behind it have established great support for search optimization tools, features, and functions. Many individuals and organizations use WordPress as their main online information hub so this support is very beneficial for them to make their websites visible to millions of Internet users globally.

Aside from the built-in search optimization tools of WordPress, there are several WordPress SEO plugins that users can choose from to maximize the capabilities and add more technical elements of SEO. For those who are convinced to utilize SEO plugins, you might be wondering what is the best SEO plugin for WordPress. Well, for a free service, WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast is my top choice. This plugin features posting titles and meta descriptions, robots meta configuration, canonical, breadcrumbs, permalink clean up, XML sitemaps, RSS enhancements, and editing robots.txt and .htaccess.

Meanwhile, if you are using a self-hosted WordPress site, the basic All In One SEO Pack for $899 a month. The advantages of this plugin versus the one offered for free are, it can automatically submit your contents to major search engines (like Google) after each post, can implement appropriate mod-rewrite structure, and can evaluate XHTML and PHP for SEO.

You might also wonder why SEO is so important for website owners. It is because SEO helps independent website owners earn money. An example of this is the Google AdSense. Anyone can maximize their revenues using their high ranking online contents. Sounds too good to be true? Try SEO and you’ll know exactly what I mean.