Best Dueling Piano Bar Songs

For the 90s babies like me, likewise those who belong to the generation of the new millennium, the terms dueling piano or piano bar, or the best dueling piano bar songs, for our topic at hand, are quite ambiguous. Dueling piano bar songs are no longer often uttered in public places but they still exist for the benefit of those who belong to the 80s era.

For your better understanding, I will discuss what dueling piano is, as well as what a piano bar is before I give you a list of the best dueling piano bar songs.

On one hand, dueling piano is a form of entertainment among music, piano, and singing lovers. On the other hand, a piano bar is a place where the dueling piano happens. The piano bar is like a music lounge. At present, dueling piano is typically called sing-along. In a piano bar, there is a stage that has two grand pianos. Two professional pianists play the piano one at a time while singing and entertaining his or her audience. The dueling piano is a match of who is the best pianist of the night. It is rather humorous and entertaining than stern. Did you know that dueling pianos have been the entertainment of bar goers in 1800s.

The songs that are being played are mostly requested by the audience. Different types of music genre have been requested and played during dueling pianos but the most common is rock and roll or classic rock because this genre is very upbeat and is the favorite music of which the audience participate in the singing. Also, with this type of genre, audience can identify who among the pianists can play the piano fastest. There are three elements that dueling piano does: get the crowd to sing along, get the crowd to dance, and challenge skills of the pianists in playing the instrument.

At present, dueling piano happens lavishly in Vegas. You get the picture. This also happens in family get-together. To give you an idea of what are the typical songs being played in dueling piano bar, the Tavernacle Social Club has listed the most requested and best dueling piano bar songs.

Top ten on the list are: Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison; Hey Jude by The Beatles; Margaritaville by Jimmy Buffet; Friends in Low Places by Garth Brooks; Piano Man by Billy Joel; I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor; We Are Family by Sister Sledge; Redneck Woman by Gretchen Wilson; Sweet Home Alabaman by Lynyrd Skynyrd; Cowboy Take Me Away by Dixie Chicks.