Does WordPress Allow Ads?

WordPress is a free and easy to install publishing platform that is popularly used for blogging. Meanwhile, independent bloggers that use online publishing platforms like WordPress depend on advertising for an extra income and to promote their website. TextLinkAds, Chitika, Yahoo, Nuffnang and AdSense are just a few of advertising programs bloggers and website owners can use. However, not all content management systems and blog utility sites allow ads. So, to save all the terms, condition, and policy problems, their main concern should be, does WordPress allow ads.

Unfortunately, WordPress does not allow third-party advertising programs like those mentioned earlier. It strictly prohibits paid or sponsored post content, clicktrackers, referral links, and promotions type of advertising. However, the WordPress support team has suggested three ways on how to run ads on a WordPress blog.

1. Sign up for VIP SaaS blog. VIP blogs are permitted to run ads without restriction. Aside from this feature, the VIP blog has a lot more to offer like 24/7 IT support, unlimited VIP Support tickets, over 1,500 servers in three SAS-70 Type II data centers, enterprise-level Akismet spam protection, etc.

2. Manage WordPress installation independently, from selecting a web hosting provider to setting up a domain to customizing the dashboard. This way, users can separately insert raw ad code into the post or insert a plugin that supports ads contents. Some of the most reviewed ads plugins for WordPress are AdSense Manager, Adwit Banner Manager, Author Advertising Plugin, All in One Adsense and YPN. Here is a link of a website that provides easy-to-follow instructions on how to insert ads code manually on WordPress

3. Apply for WordAds. For those of you who are familiar with AdSense powered by Google, WordAds for WordPress functions the same. WordAds is exclusive for WordPress account users. It allows bloggers to earn money through high quality ads from brand advertisers recognized by WordPress. The additional perk aside from the income of utilizing WordAds is, the blogsite will be represented by Federated Media Publishing, a well-known publisher of high quality ads for major websites such as AppleInsider and Dailybuzz. WordAds is a good choice because it is directly linked to WordPress, which means a 100% support is provided for. Simply log into your WordPress account and fill out the WordAds registration form.

Always keep in mind that to be able to maintain an independent website, be it for personal blogging or photo journal, etc., one has to have the skills and talent. It is exceptional. You are exceptional. And so, you deserve the best of what that skill and talent can offer you in return by compensating.