Refresh Your Home in 2013

Looking for a way to refresh your home for the new year, without spending a fortune? Keen to bring a sense of contemporary styling to your home, without having to renovate it? Luckily, there are plenty of ways that you can inject life into your home and streamline your living arrangements without spending a fortune.

Invest in storage

Great storage is key to a clean and modern home and the easiest way to make your living space look clean and streamline, is to pick things up off the floor, avoid piles of belongings and keep surfaces clean. This has quite a powerful visual effect; when the viewer’s eye travels along a surface or line without being stopped, it gives a real feeling of space and room. So look at crafty storage options, such as neat lidded boxes that fit underneath a coffee table in the living room. You’ll find them in a range of finishes to suit your décor and they’re widely available from a range of brands and sources. Apply a similar approach in your kids’ bedrooms and install a ‘tidy away’ policy at the end of each day!

Look at TV storage units with plenty of covered doors and drawers, so that DVDs and other media types can be tucked away out of site. Employ a magazine rack to prevent piles of newspapers and magazines from piling up and make sure that mugs are sent directly to the sink when they are used!

In the dining room, again, look at installing a sideboard with good storage and avoid cluttering surfaces with excess knick-knacks, such as photograph frames and holiday souvenirs. If you just place a few out at a time, they will be more visible and look good; you can always rotate your favourites!

In the kitchen, integrated storage is possible with most modern units and you can utilise the backs of doors, corner spaces, tin stackers, carrier bag holders / compressors and under sink recycling units to make your workspace streamlined and attractive. Look at deep drawers for storing tableware and cookware too – or hang a professional pan rack from the ceiling!

Flexible living

Also look at other flexible living arrangements that allow you to move furniture about flexibly as you need. The classic example is of the extra dining chairs inevitably needed at Christmas. Get organised with some smart multi-purpose chairs that can be used for the study or office, as well as being high enough for the dining table. A dining table that extends is also very useful for the same purpose.

Look at bean bags for extra seating at Christmas and for when you have guests round. They are ideal for children who can eat on them without risking sofa spills and great for flexible usage, such as for watching the television, playing computer games, reading, playing games or simply relaxing. You’ll find that Fatboy bean bags come in a wide range of colours and finishes to suit your décor and there are also finishes that are suitable for outdoor use, so you can combine seating for a variety of purposes and locations, with a single flexible item that can be packed away when not needed.

Guest article brought to you by All Tidied Up, the UK home accessories specialist.