How To Pick A Great Window Cleaning Company

No matter how sparkling clean your house is, if your windows are a bit on the grimy side, everything will look and feel just that little bit dingy.

But unless you have the right equipment, it’s impossible to reach the top corners or the upstairs windows without putting your personal safety at risk.

The good news is that there are plenty of window cleaning companies ready to offer their services at competitive rates to help you keep the outside of your home as clean as the inside. But how do you pick the right company for you? Here’s a guide to some of the factors you should consider.

How thorough are they?

You might think all window cleans are the same but a really good company will include a lot of extra details as part of the standard service.

Doing a job on the outside of your windows is great but that’s really only half the story.

Before hiring a window cleaning firm you should find out what is included in their standard package and what they actually clean. A company that is more interested in doing a thorough job than just taking the money and running should include the inside of your windows as well as the exteriors.

You should also expect them to clean your window sills and dry them off after they have finished; after all, what is the point of having sparkling clean windows if the sills are dirty and wet?!

But of course, having people traipse through your clean home could be counter-productive if they tramp dirt and mud over your floors. Find out how seriously the company take the quality of their service by asking whether their cleaners wear covers over their shoes when in your home.

Professional tools

Cleaning your windows down with soap and water will do a perfectly good job but there are much better options available.

It is reasonable to expect professional window cleaning firms to use top of the range fluids to ensure that your windows stay clean and grime-free for as long as possible. For example, Squeegee Pro uses a five stage filtration system on exterior windows which is filled with de-ionised water. The advantage to this is that the wash will last much longer and will also dry without any smears, unlike tap water. On the inside, low allergen soaps are used to scrub the windows as part of a three step process which includes skirting the edges with lint-free cloths.

And using low-allergen soap is important, along with avoiding harsh chemicals especially if you have pets or plants. Fluids which contain chemicals could be very harmful so be sure to check this with the window cleaning company before letting them loose on your property.

Even small details count, for example, are their squeegees guaranteed to be scratch-free? Cheaper industrial squeegees could leave marks or scratches on your window surface whilst the better ones are made from soft but strong silicon.

Additional services

Every now and again you may want additional services to be carried out, such as the cleaning of your skylight, and it would be helpful if you did not have to find another company to carry out the work.

If you can find a good window cleaning company that offers additional services as and when required, you could be on to a real winner.

Blinds are notoriously difficult to clean properly and even if you dust them regularly, having them properly cleaned every now and again will not only help them to look their best but could also extend their lifespan. Many window cleaning companies offer a deep cleaning services for blinds and shutters, although you should expect screens (including both the mesh and frame) to be included in the standard service package.

Hard water oxidation on glass is very difficult to remove but if your window cleaning company is good, they should be able to provide you with some help and guidance. It can sometimes be impossible to remove completely – especially if it has been on there for a long time – but with the use of glass buffing, mineral removing compounds and a professional polish, even the worst affected glass can be significantly improved. In many cases this process will remove the hard water oxidation stains entirely.

This process is far more complex than just using lemon juice, vinegar or a simple cleaning fluid as all of these will only achieve marginal improvements. It is therefore worth checking with your window cleaning company about how they approach removing hard water oxidation as there is no point paying for something which is either not going to be effective or you could do yourself.


Although there are lots of window cleaning companies in the market, not all will offer a friendly service with attention to the small details. Whether you’re looking for a Los Angeles Window Cleaning Company, or one in London or Cape Town doesn’t really matter, apply the principles in this article to select a great company.

Whilst price will undoubtedly play a factor in whom you ultimately choose, make sure you take the above factors into account and you will end up with a window cleaning company that really cares about providing you with a quality service.

An article by Nathan Griffiths an active writer across many genres.