What Does The Home Decor Say About The People Who Live Here?

When someone enters a home or a room for the first time, that person makes many assumptions about the house and the people who lived there as they do when they are meeting someone for the first time. Each room is judged on the home decor, the colors and the collection of furniture and accessories. That judgment is then passed on to the people who live in the home.

The staging of any room is the first thing that is analyzed consciously or unconsciously by the visitor. Is the arrangement of furniture welcoming? Are the places to sit comfortable and inviting? Are these drawn together for intimate conversations or do they stand formally apart to keep people at a distance? Sometimes it is as simple as shifting a couple chairs closer together, adding a small coffee table and a brightly colored area rug to make the room more warm and welcoming. In an overly decorated room, full of lace and small colorful collectibles like a grandmother’s house, moving the furniture apart and grouping the colorful objects into collections of similar colors creates a feeling of space and artful creativity.

Too many quiet colors in decorating make the area dull and bland. Adding one or two bold colors repeated 3 to 5 times around the room create the life and energy. In a bright room filled with vibrant colors, adding touches of creams and browns in throw pillows, an area rug or a collection of artwork on one of the vibrantly colored walls will create an oasis of calm.

If furniture is a very formal set in dark wood and straight lines, adding an overstuffed chair with a bold floral pattern adds a surprising touch and softens the overall look. The contrast between the furniture creates a signature home decor for that decorator who had the flair to combine different patterns and styles in a unique way. It only requires the addition of one piece of furniture to change the feeling and style of the room; this may be a chair, lamp, bookcase, ottoman or writing desk. Often the furniture can be moved from room to room periodically to create new and exciting looks.

By looking at the home decor with fresh eyes, any owner can quickly change the tempo and energy of any room with a few simple changes in accent colors, furniture or furniture arrangements.