Understanding Coffee Pod Machines vs. Regular Coffee Makers

Are there huge differences between coffee pod machines and the good old traditional ground coffee? There definitely are, so if you’re thinking about buying one or the other, think about their benefits and disadvantages first. Maybe there is something you couldn’t live together on the long run, so it’s better to put these features to their place first.

While coffee pods might not be the most environmentally friendly way of making the beverage every single morning, they’re definitely a convenient way to do so. They’re basically pre-ground coffee packaged in a paper bag with filter and everything you may ever need in your coffee. Of course you have to put in the sugar, but it’s just like that for all types of coffee machines.

Another great thing about the Douwe Egberts Senseo coffee pods is that you don’t have to measure anything at all. There is no need for coffee beans to be refilled, you just insert the capsule and it drips hot water through it making the best cup ever made. The pods are reasonably cheap way of making only a few mugs at a time, and they’re readily available anywhere, or can be ordered through the net. These machines don’t come without their fair share of controversy and criticism.

For example, they’re using some paper and the filter just once, so they’re not all that environmentally friendly. Second, you can’t fine tune the system. It uses one pod to make X amount of coffee, which is quite bad if you want a shorter or longer cup. The other issue is about the availability of the pods. They can be bought anywhere, but you need to buy the same brand over and over again, because there is no such thing as an industry standard. Biggest bean importers usually offer them for many different types, but not for all of them.

They also tend to get a bit more expensive than those that grind the coffee on the spot or use pre-ground beans. They’re convenient way of drinking coffee, that one is for sure, but you get to give up some of your freedom through lack of real choices. The only thing that other machines can’t do is the small minimum pack of pods. You can try different variations (from the same brand) without having to buy five pounds of it and waiting for it to run out.

Ground coffee machines are not perfect either. They’re more prone to overstuffing or overloading which can lead to them blowing up, and that’s not everything, they’re rather noisy when they operate. You need to be well aware of the benefits of both to be able to choose, but it’s only you who can do it.