Finding My Game

We each have a sport that we love. There is that one game that we have followed for a long time, probably even from our childhood, and continue to follow and play. Having a game or sport that we love allows a kind of relaxation that is available nowhere else. It kind of allows us to reach back towards our younger days, when everything was still so fresh and exciting.

It is a connection to the joy of youth, when every discovery can be likened to opening a new world each and every time. It could be considered a more pure love of the sport, whatever it might be. By that reasoning, it could be argued then that a sport that is discovered and followed when one is already an adult is not followed as passionately. Well, that argument can be put forward, but not everyone would agree with it. I could say that I am one of those who would venture to disagree with that statement.

My own case is that I found the game that I eventually learned to love rather late. I play the game of golf and I love it. It is a game that I found a few years back, and as time went by, my love and passion for it grew. When I was still a kid, I did not happen to find any sport that I could love. That was what happened even though I played a number of different sports.

I even joined some children’s leagues like those that were for basketball, baseball, and even football. I liked those sports, but I just did not have the kind of zest for those game that would have made me lifelong fans and practitioners of the sport. It was not a natural situation as my peers were all into one or more sports, particularly the three that I mentioned.

I became interested in golf when I got to watch a professional tournament on television by accident. I was flipping through the channels when I happen to pass by a live telecast of one of the biggest tournaments in the country. I became hooked on the sport since then, and became an ardent follower and eventually, player.

Today, I carefully make sure that all the equipment and accessory that I need to play the game are of the best quality. This is the reason why I only look at the best golf club components there are in the market. I also look at the game of golf’s additional features like having golf vacation packages, and conclude that it is indeed the best game for me. That is the case even though I found it pretty late.