Decorating Children’s Rooms with Artwork

It is important for children to have their own room where they can feel safe, comfortable, and express themselves. Decorating children’s rooms is not difficult, especially if you work together with your child and cater to their wants and needs as far as is practical. Here are some good ideas to help you get started, to create a cosy and homely space.

One of the best ways to decorate is with your child is own paintings and drawings. In the simplest sense these can simply be attached to walls using drawing pins or adhesive tape, but this often results not only blemishes upon walls but also a deterioration of paper and colours. A low-cost solution is to have small pieces of artwork laminated, which can be done at most office supply stores for as little as one dollar per page. At such a low cost becomes easily possible to rotate through paintings and drawings as your young artist produces them, for an ever-changing showcase of his or her talents.

The classier option, although more expensive, is to have paintings and drawings professionally framed behind glass. Smaller pieces will generally fit within an A4 picture frame, while larger ones may require actual poster frames to be accommodated. If choosing this option, it is important only choose the best and favourite paintings and drawings given the higher cost. Nevertheless, properly framed art looks fantastic and is a great way to decorate.

Don’t forget that you can also frame things other than paintings of drawings: weavings, collages, and even cloth pattern creations can be placed behind glass to look great. Always remember that if mounting framed art it is vital to have the project securely attached to the wall for safety reasons. Always make sure that you use high-quality fasteners which are rated to carry the weight of larger and heavier frames.