What Is A Vapor Steam Cleaner

Cleaning is a job that is usually tiresome and back breaking, especially when dealing with tough stains on tiles and grouts. Machines and cleaning solutions are invented and mixed to promote easy cleaning. A given cleaning agent may be chemical based or simply made of non-toxic substances. A combination of a good cleaning machine and an effective cleaning solution would really be a breakthrough rather than the conventional and strenuous cleaning practices.

One cleaning machine that is popular in the market today because of its steam cleaning capabilities is the vapor steam cleaner. A typical steam cleaner mainly uses steam to quickly clean, dry, as well as sanitizes the cleaned surfaces. This powerful machine was invented in Italy by the renowned makers of coffee espresso machines.

So how does the machine work? The concept of its operation is very simple to understand yet very effective. It has a boiler wherein the cleaning solution is stored and heated up from 115-155 degree Celsius or 240-310 degrees Fahrenheit. The steam vapors that are generated are pressurized and released by just a touch on the button. The heated steam vapors would soak up the stains and quickly breaks down the stain molecules that accumulate on tiles and grouts.

One advantage of vapor steam cleaners over the carpet cleaners is the volume of water that will be used during cleaning operation. With vapor steam cleaner it uses steam, not hot water which a carpet cleaner mainly used as cleaning agent. Hence, steam cleaner uses only small amount of water in generating vapors. Steam cleaners are eco-friendly machines too, and this health fact makes such machines very unique and innovative. Chemicals are very hazardous to health as well as to the environment.

Every steam cleaner is indeed a very reliable machine in promoting cleanliness with an eco-friendly approach. Truly, such machine is definitely the champion cleaner.