Liquid Lawn Aerator Vs Mechanical Aerator

Liquid lawn aerator and mechanical aerator can be best understood by laying down their basic functional differences. Let’s compare both.

a. While liquid aeration requires several application in order to produce better results, mechanical aeration must be performed at least 1 to 3 times all throughout the year. Be as it may, some are still claiming that liquid aeration can already last for the whole year round.

b. While mechanical aeration is not so efficient in terms of sodium removal, liquid aeration effectively takes away the sodium build up on the roots thereby allowing every root to thrive. When the sodium component is already higher, the effect is to make the soil very compact.

c. Both liquid and mechanical aerations are closely similar in terms of helping the soil to recover from toxins. It is possible that the previous pesticide treatment applied on the lawn caused toxins accumulation.

d. True, liquid aeration will neither injure the soil nor the plants but it cannot completely gain access down to the deeper root system. Mechanical aeration is more effective when there is some sort of compost top dressing rather that liquid aeration only.

Iron is another thing that you can try on your lawn. Iron for lawns, apart from being economical, will help the yellowish grasses to turn into green while it drives away the moss. Irregularly watering your lawn can make the whole appearance yellowish on account of insufficient supply of iron. Additional iron will do already but little mowing will also help. More iron will promote healthy lawn grasses for longer period of time.

Most fertilizer manufacturers already learned of the benefits of iron hence, they make sure that at least 2% of every fertilizer mixture is made of iron. That percentage can either be organic iron or synthetic iron. Organic iron, according to some, is much easier to break down in going down deep the soil. Synthetic iron performs better in moss killing. After adding iron, wait for a few days until you begin to notice significant moss reduction.