Rice Cooker Brands on Sale in America Today

There are many different brands of rice cooker that you can find both in stores and online. You will notice that there is a huge range in price of these kitchen appliances. What can justify one of these products costing more than $200 when we can find other ones for less than $20? The best rice cooker brand for you really depends upon how you want to use this kind of device.

There are two main distinctions when we start to look a bit more closely at rice cookers. The first is geographical. Simply put, Japanese rice cookers are much more advanced than their Western counterparts. So if you want a top of the range device then you should really be considering a brand such as Zojirushi or Sanyo. These two brands make a number of different high quality models. If you choose a Black & Decker or Rival device, you will be able to spend much less on your rice cooker.

This leads us into the second difference between rice cookers sold today. The cheaper units are typically electrical devices while the more expensive models are in fact electronic. Many Japanese rice cookers have what is called a Micom computer chip. This accounts for the higher price and makes the quality of the rice noticeably better.

So if you want to be able to make the best tasting rice then paying more for a Japanese Micom rice cooker. Another benefit of this style of machine is its ease of use. One of the recent developments is that they now include a removable inner lid which makes cleaning much easier. Why not enter a competition to win a rice cooker?

Just to re-cap, Western brands, such as Black & Decker, Aroma and Rival are some of the cheapest options. Japanese brands such as Tiger, Zojirushi and Panasonic are more expensive although they do have other advantages.