Are Enclosed Door Blinds Worth The Money?

What Makes Door Blinds Special

If you’ve spent any time trying to improve the appearance of your home with window treatments, you’ve probably discovered the difficulty finding curtains or blinds for door window openings. Most people to prefer to have large windows on their entryway doors, not only because they are an excellent source of natural light, but also because they make your home seem more warm and inviting than a solid wood door. However, door windows are challenging to cover because of their constant movement swinging opened and closed many times throughout the day. Traditional blinds would keep crashing into the door causing dents or scratches to the paint.

The solution are specifically made door blinds that are inserted between two pieces of glass, rather than on the inside of the window. Most door manufacturers are now offering this type of shade built into their new doors, but there are many who wish to upgrade their existing doors to include door blinds. Fortunately there are several companies who have developed special mounting door blinds that can attach to your existing door enclosing a similar blind between the existing glass and a new piece of plexi glass.

Benefits And Door Blind Alternatives

This “sandwiched” shade design is host to a number of benefits beyond the safety to the door and the people around it. Primarily, door blinds are extremely easy to operate, usually consisting of a single slider on the side of the frame that adjusts the shade up and down. Secondly, they are virtually maintenance free. Being enclosed keeps them free from dust and dirt. However, some people find door blinds to be a little boring or out of style. There are a few alternatives to door blinds, for example you could build plantation shutters to fit your window opening. This would greatly enhance the appearance of your entryway, however it would come with an added cost.