The Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remotes

Hampton Bay is a leading brand of ceiling fans and lighting products that covers the globe with their innovations of quiet fans and the ever–popular Hampton Bay ceiling fan remotes. There remotes are devices that does exactly what it sounds like it should. There is nothing better than sitting in the favorite chair as the sun is approaching the horizon and pick up a small, hand–held device to turn on the light so it is easier to keep reading. The ability to do this is a specialty of Hampton Bay ceiling fans. This great brand marketed by the proud company known worldwide as Home Depot put this option on the table to give their customers something they want.

One of the options is a Hampton Bay portable fan and light remote control. This works on a wireless network that is effective up to thirty feet away. This has three speeds so the customer gets the amount of air flow they want without having to move from their favorite chair. It also operates the full range dimmer option on the fan. Soft light from the fixture not only keeps the air moving to allow a higher comfort level but it can also be set on low to act as a night light so it is easier to move about the house after dark without fully lighting the rooms. It has a hanger so it can be hung on a wall much the same as a shower razor keeping it out of the way of children or pets.

A thermostatic full range dimmer is an option of this wonderful type of consumer electronics. The remote controls the light and the fan separately so only one thing needs to be changed at a time. Select the dimmer option and make the lighting soft for a romantic evening. This one offers a light delay setting so that if not in the room it will turn the light off after three minutes. This design sounds complex but is simple. No additional wiring is needed at all, just install it wherever a light fixture is being replaced and it all integrates with the existing system. It just makes good sense to make life as comfortable as possible and ceiling fan remotes are just the thing.