4 Easy Methods For Choosing French Door Blinds

Most people that have French doors installed in their home love the fact that they allow so much natural light inside.  French doors actually double as windows.  Because of this, you need French door blinds or window treatment that will give you additional privacy when you need it.

Things You Should Know About French Doors

French doors have a rich history dating  back to the 1600’s and are part of the Renaissance period of art and architecture. They first appeared as window casements that extended to the floor. The major purpose of these doors was to allow natural light to flow into the home and rooms as electricity was not available during that time.

Today, these doors are used both on outside to such as patio doors to allow light in and on the inside of homes as an on the inside between rooms as part of the design scheme.

4 Stylishly Proven French Door Window Treatments

Plantation shutters. Shutters are the ultimate control for light entering a room because they have the ability to block nearly 100% of incoming light when privacy is of the utmost concern.

Horizontal Blinds.  French doors with blinds are very elegant.  They are much lighter and less expensive.  The big drawback of horizontal blinds is they tend to be noisy when doors are opened and closed.  However, that is only a minor nuisance.

Woven Wood Shades. These are what is known as the quiet option. They give your French doors a modest look and never make noise when either opened or closed.  They have the ability to mute incoming light giving your rooms ample lighting even when closed.

Built In Blinds. If you have ever cleaned horizontal blinds and hated it then you will love built in French door blinds.   Built in blinds make the process so easy because they are custom made for your door.  The blinds never get dirty because they are sealed in between 2 layers of glass.

Finally, You Can Choose The Window Treatments That Benefits You

Window treatments have 2 major benefits.  Light and privacy.  When you come to the final decision in your decorating project, whether you choose custom bay window treatments or French doors, you have made the best choice by allowing more light into your home and at the same time maintaining your privacy.