Improve Your Property with Decomposed Granite

If you own a home, you certainly will have noticed that making improvements to the outside of your property can get quite expensive.  Adding on a deck or patio can easily run into the thousands of dollars.  If you go with decking, the maintenance costs can also add on to that expense every year.

A much less expensive alternative to putting down an expensive stone patio or deck is creating a patio area by using decomposed granite.  This material is not only very affordable, it is much easier to work with than either of the previously mentioned  options.  It is so easy to work with in fact, that a simple patio could easily be laid out and completely installed within one weekend.

This material is smaller than gravel, yet it is heavy enough to stay put where it has been placed.  You can look for decomposed granite at your local home improvement stores, but you will probably find better prices if you happen to live near a quarry, where they can sell it in bulk.

As home projects go, putting in a patio or path with this material is fairly simple.  The area needs to be laid out and possibly framed, and then some type of barrier material should be put down to inhibit the growth of weeds.  Once this is done, the decomposed granite can be moved about easily in a wheelbarrow and dumped exactly where it is needed.  It is actually quite a bit like putting down a bed of mulch.  Once in place, some people like to use a hardening material to keep things in place.  This too is a simple procedure that will not cost very much money.

If you have been looking for an affordable way to create a handsome patio area or walkway for your home, decomposed granite might be perfect for your needs.  Be sure to look around and ask about bulk deals before making any purchases.  Within one weekend you can completely change the way the outside of your house looks.