The Options In Playhouse Materials

There are several different styles and designs of an outdoor playhouse created for children on the market today. These miniature houses can be crafted from wood, vinyl and can also be found in durable, weather resistant plastic. While a wooden playhouse will look and feel more realistic for the child there are many pro’s and con’s of each type of material to consider before buying.

Wooden playhouses will often be quite heavy when fully constructed. This option in construction material of the playhouse is best to placed and left in one spot for years of enjoyment. Wooden playhouses can be enjoyed by children of many ages and will often used later by parents as a storage house or even for their grandchildren. This type of playhouse can be custom created to the clients specifications or can be purchased pre-fabricated. The wooden option will give the purchaser a wider variety of options as to the style, size and shape of the playhouse than that of any other variety. The wooden style is also the only playhouse on the market today that can allow options to be added to the structure such as running water, electricity and even air-conditioning if the purchaser wishes to have those things.

Plastic playhouses are usually light in weight and can easily be moved from one area of the yard to another. The plastic is often brightly colored and is a safe, durable option for smaller children to play on. Since the plastic variety of playhouses is often small in size it is generally only geared to children that are young and up to eight years of age. Plastic playhouses are one of the safer options for smaller children as the plastic is often heat resistant and will not give the little one any splinters.

There are other types of playhouses on the market today and are made from newer types of materials. One such playhouse is crafted from a heavy vinyl type of material. These often are called bouncy houses and can come in a wide variety of styles such as castles and houses. The vinyl option in playhouses is the least durable of all materials used. They require air to construct the playhouse into its full size and it is light in weight but they can obtain puncture holes in the material after a few uses. They are also geared toward children that are very young, under the age of 6, because the vinyl is not durable enough to withstand heavy weight.