Peace of Mind with Home Alarm Monitoring

If you have to spend a lot of time away from your family and home on business and you are looking for some peace of mind that they will remain safe and secure then home alarm monitoring may be just what you need to ease your concern.

The statistics paint a very bad picture and show that every 15 minutes someone in the US is burgled with over 60% of these burglaries happening in residential districts. In order to make sure that you are not one of these people you can get technology to assist you in your quest for keeping your family and property safe.

Alarm monitoring services work by having a direct line feed straight from your home security system to their computer systems. These services do not have to be even in the same town or city as you reside as long as the automated message gets through to them and they can contact the local police department, whether by automation or a live human phone call. You can set your alarm system to also trigger its normal audible alarm to try and attract the attention of your neighbours, or you can set it to a silent alarm so the intruder does not realise that the police are on their way.

The trigger that notifies the alarm monitoring company can come from a number of different sensors such as motion sensor alarms, window alarm sensors and even set up through CCTV kits that send live pictures of your property to the alarm monitoring company so that can keep a constant watch on your home.

Home alarm monitoring is not just about security but can also be used to monitor fire alarms, smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. If any noxious gases or smoke are sensed within the property, then the alarm monitoring service will notify your local fire department, ambulance service and police to go to your home.

Home alarm monitoring can be seen as an extra cost but many insurance companies lower their home insurance premiums by as much as 20% if you have a subscription with an alarm monitoring service which can often negate the price of the subscription. This makes it a no-brainer as you are providing your family with a safer environment to live in which is unlikely to cost you much but will protect your property and possessions to a higher level than a basic alarm system.

If you value peace of mind that your family will remain safe then upgrade your home security system so that it incorporates alarm monitoring and you will not look back. Remember that peace of mind offers ease of sleep!