The Various Types and Uses For Drop Leaf Tables

Drop leaf tables are a tasteful and efficient way to save space, and they can go well with the country theme of farmers furniture. Particularly, with the right wood and finish they will blend right in with any rustic home. There are a few types of drop leaf tables that you can put around the home, and there are considerations to be made when selecting one as well.

Wall Mounted Drop Leaf Tables

Wall mounted drop leaf tables are in some ways the ultimate in space saving. They attach to your wall and can be raised so that they take up essentially no space. They’re generally found in very small houses, apartments, and rooms in urban areas where space is at a high premium. However, they can also be used for entertaining as a sort of removable side table or as a desk in an area were you won’t need it regularly.

The Antique Drop Leaf Table

The true antique drop leaf tables are from England, and come from either the 16th century, the Elizabethan, or the Jacobean era. However, purchasing an authentic, high quality piece from this era will be prohibitively expensive in most cases, as well as very difficult to find. The best place to find one would likely be a high quality antiques dealer, and in the U.S. particularly in the New England area. However, both discount and higher quality reproductions can be found. These styles of tables are generally darker, and made of higher end wood such as oak or maple. Also, when compared to most drop leaf tables found today, the antique styles oftenhave more ornate designs, and may use distressed finishes. Both the original and the reproduction antiques can include further ornamentation in the legs, cabinets built into the top, and designs painted onto the table.

Drop Leaf Tables for Small Spaces

While wall mounted drop leaf tables are the most obvious dramatic space saver, there are other ways to save considerable space with drop leaf tables. For instance, using a drop leaf kitchen table, you can raise the leaves when cooking for added space, and lower them when not. With a drop leaf dining table, you may seat four people normally, but upon extending the leaves, you could now seat up to 10. The drop leaf coffee table serves a similar function, although in general the leaves on these coffee tables are much smaller relative to the main table.

Finally, when decorating the drop leaf table always consider how the color and design match with the rest of the room. For instance, you don’t want a highly ornate antique piece in the middle of a very simple country style home. However, some of the antique pieces that still have sophisticated designs will provide a nice contrast to the rest of the room as long as it isn’t overdone. It’s all a matter of tasteful selection, but if you’re going through this theme of furniture you are probably in the right direction in this regard already.