Form & Function Go Hand-in-Hand In Kitchen Design

When you are faced with the task of redesigning your kitchen, keep it as functional as possible so you can work more efficiently. There are literally thousands of kitchen decorating ideas to choose from and it can be easy to get all caught up in designing a beautiful kitchen while leaving out the concentration on functionality that your kitchen must have to be efficient. If you start with a fully functional kitchen and then add aesthetic accessories to make the room look beautiful you will have everything you need and want in one room.

Since the kitchen is the most used room in the house, it is imperative that the cook is satisfied with the kitchens feel and flow. When the cook is attempting to make a favorite dish, ambiance matters and should be considered a very important part of the room’s decor. Pay especially close attention to the functionality of the lighting, the cabinetry and the flow of the workspace.

We rely heavily on the use of appliances in our kitchens today. There are gadgets created to accomplish a multitude of tasks and they must be easily accessed to be efficient. Knives in many kitchens have found their way to the countertop because they are used so often. Having a drawer to access other gadgets can be hazardous to dig through when you are busy trying to prepare a meal, so maybe hanging your most used gadgets on the wall above a counter space would make more sense. Hanging pots and pans over the stove or over the island may be more sensible to some cooks. Basically the idea here is to have as many things within an arms reach will help the cook to be more efficient.

The same applies to lighting and there should be plenty of it that concentrates on various workspaces throughout the kitchen will help the cook to see well while cutting, chopping, cooking with a small appliance on the countertop, or putting the finishing touches on a beautiful cake. Track lighting is one way to bring light to specific areas of the room. Having a good light above the sink is always a very useful in making sure that anything accomplished in the sink is well lit. Having several smaller lights in the kitchen that can be used individually will save money on your power bills. Placing one main light in the center of the room with a ceiling fan will help to disperse the heat from the kitchen and will help the cook keep his or her cool!

Cabinetry and countertops are also an essential part of the kitchen’s design. With so many kitchen accessories to use we must make sure there is enough countertop to go around. Adding outlets at regular intervals above the countertop will make more of the counter space available for using small appliances. Cabinets can be easier to access if they contain dish racks and other organizational helpers. Turn-styles in lower cabinets or slide out shelves will help with accessing things on bottom shelves without having to stand on your head! Explore the many options before you make any decisions and your kitchen will be beautiful and functional.