5 Creative Interior Flooring Options

There are a multitude of options out there when it comes to choosing interior flooring. Many people opt for either wooden floor-boarding or carpeting, but other creative flooring ideas such as glass or concrete will enable you to create different effects on any budget. Here are a few suggestions if you are looking for a contemporary, alternative solution to flooring designs in your home:

Glass Tile Flooring

This may seem like a very peculiar choice for your home with presumptions being similar to those glass floors you see in tourist tower buildings. However there are many benefits to this contemporary method of interior flooring which may adhere to anyone who wants something a little different for their living space. Not only is a glass floor unique but it can also attribute to a sense of openness and an illuminating feel for your house. There is no worry for cracks or shattering as these types of flooring can be incredibly thick and dense in order to reduce these risks. A wise option would also be to insert LED lighting behind your glass flooring so you can create vivid lighting effects.

Wood Tile Flooring

Wood flooring is a classic option for many homes today, usually following the long rustic floor boarding option for both traditional and modern day houses. However you can be much more inventive with wood flooring as you do not always have to stick with this wooden planking norm. Many homes today opt for wooden tiling, which can pose many options in terms of patterns and shapes which will give your house a unique composition. This is an option that has to be carefully considered to truly project the quality of the wood so it may be best to speak to a professional or visit some homes which have gone with this contemporary method of flooring.

Concrete Flooring

Now this really is a contemporary method of interior flooring as concrete is never usually associated with comfort and warmth – which are the ultimate checklist items when creating a cosy lounge area. Concrete options can however have a great deal of scope when considering an arty look for your living room. Consider your floor a blank canvas, ready for you to apply one of your most favoured artistic designs. The options for design on concrete flooring are endless so if you are the type of person who wants to combine modern-day design with an artistic edge then this may be a wise consideration.

From striped carpets to more abstract designs like these, have you done something different with your home flooring? Tell us about it below!

Sam Hudson is a freelance writer, musician and blogger currently living in West Yorkshire. His work has been published on home improvement and lifestyle websites across the web.