Using Natural Light in the Home

Plantation shutters are the perfect compromise for the modern homeowner. Windows are great ways to let more light inside, but they completely eliminate the intimate sense of privacy people enjoy. Of course, window modifications like curtains, Venetian blinds and shades increase privacy, yet they still have their downsides in that they’re either difficult to clean or inconvenient to use. These coverings lack the ability to customize the amount of uniform light, always condemning homeowners to patches of brightness here and there or full on blinding glares. With the right plantation-style window shutters, however, homeowners can benefit from the best of both worlds.

Benefits Galore!

Plantation shutters are far more capable than most draperies, and they greatly increase resale values of the homes that have them. Like blinds and other similar coverings, they have movable panels that can be adjusted to match the angle of the sun. In an instant, homeowners can let more light in or block out annoying glares. The fact that these blades all move in a synchronized fashion while maintaining the same angle allows for the same privacy that horizontal blinds permit.

The biggest difference with plantation-style window coverings, however, is that the blades are much broader than those found in other installations. This is possible because they’re typically mounted in a shutter frame that provides firm support. In many cases, the entire frame can be opened or closed on a smooth hinge that affords people unhindered access to the windows.

Another big advantage of these shutters is that their wider blades improve air flow when the windows are open. When angled correctly, they can cast more shadows that keep homes cooler inside. Of course, the fact that the entire blade system is easy to adjust instantaneously also means that when homeowners open them up, plenty of light comes in between the wider spaces. Some shutters even have additional panel hinges that allow homeowners to only open a section at a time. Plantation shutters offer the most customization options when it comes to deciding just how much lighting is best for a certain situation.

Although these shutters were originally popular in hotter areas like the Caribbean, their utility has led to widespread use in homes all over the United States. Homeowners who plan on selling their property in the future are smart to install these coverings because they’re seen as a mark of affluence by new buyers. The fact that plantation-style shutters usually stay on the homes they’ve been installed in is an important consideration that allows sellers to command greater prices in most markets and allows homeowners who aren’t selling the opportunity for greater control and enjoyment of their windows.

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