Playing With Lights to Create Dramatic Rooms

If you want to make improvements at home, there’s so much that you can do. Maybe you want to create a bigger family room. So, you hire a carpenter to remove a wall to combine the family room and the reading area to make a more spacious space for family gatherings. Or maybe you want to add more drama to your bedroom, which is why you’re considering adding another window, perhaps? These kinds of projects are alright. However, making extreme changes to the interior might not be the best course of action if you are on a tight budget and you don’t want to spend a lot of money on things that are not really essential. Still, there are a few things that you can do to make your home more beautiful, and you don’t even have to spend so much money for such projects.

Transforming Rooms Using Lights

You can make a room look bigger and enjoy a more dramatic living space with some lights. You don’t have to take down a wall or hire builders in order to produce a more open or remarkable room. Here are some tips that you should consider before you opt for a more extreme home makeover.

1. Add Some Lights

When adding some lights, you don’t need to put up fluorescent lights or other common light fixtures that you sort of just stick on your walls and ceilings. Consider getting modern chandeliers with clean lines or maybe something that’s made of wood or other recyclable materials. These are pretty popular these days. In case you have old chandeliers, modernize these by replacing plain white lights with muted or colored bulbs. Buy lamps for empty desks too. There are so many types of lamps and you can easily find one or two that will fit your style and budget.

2. Change Your Window Treatment

Getting new window treatment is definitely cheaper than hiring builders to resize your windows or to add new ones. By allowing some light in, you create the illusion of a bigger space. For example, using sheer drapes will allow you to see outside. This will make a room look bigger by extending your line of vision. You can also do this by adding more mirrors. If your concern is letting in hot air or cool drafts, use sheers over shades or blinds. Cover windows with blinds when the sun’s too hot and open them up when the weather permits. Use sheers so that you’ll have a bit of privacy while also being able to enjoy natural light and fresh air.

3. Use Lighter Shades

If you are in the process of repainting a room, consider using lighter colors instead of darker ones. Dark colors, such as burgundy or chocolate brown, will definitely add drama to a room. However, such shades absorb a lot of light. Even though you might have sunlight streaming in or lots of artificial lighting around, the room might still look dark or smaller than it really is. By using lighter shades, you can surely make a room lighter because these colors reflect more light. So, maybe you can compromise. If you want to use dark blue, maybe you can go for a lighter shade of blue especially if the room you’re working on has limited floor space.

Claire Neely is a freelance writer and a homeowner who likes to tinker in and around her home. She has finished a lot of DIY projects, and she loves gardening as well. When she blogs, she writes about many creative issues regarding homes, such as lighting, paint colors, furniture, and many others. She also blogs about Philadelphia interior design, landscaping and home security.