Tips for backyard design

Many people are currently developing ideas for backyard design. Yards which have been previously over looked are now being treated as another room in the house. Why are we spending more and more of out time outdoors these days? Part of the reason is that we want to spend more time in the fresh air, rather than in stuffy heated or air-conditioned rooms. Parents are concerned about their children who spend so much time in front of the computer or television. Most people lack the benefits of fresh air in their daily lives; mostly we are stuck in offices or school rooms. Plus, homes are getting smaller and many people find that their outdoor areas are perfect for entertaining in addition to other activities. Homes which have no dining room, no playroom or no hobbies room can be made to include these by using the backyard in the most flexible way possible.

Advancements such as patio heaters and fire pits mean that we are able to use our outdoors areas for a greater part of the year, too. Furniture is produced today that is far more resilient even when it’s left outside for most of the year, and advances in lighting technology means that our backyards can be attractive places to be even in the evenings. Solar lighting is far more efficient these days so your backyard can be illuminated in a low-cost, environmentally-friendly way. Those who spend a great deal of time in their backyards – particularly those who live in warmer climates – add swimming pools and hot tubs to their yards and those in cooler climes often install attractive water features, fountains or ornamental ponds. All in all, our backyards are no longer an adjunct to our homes; they are an integral part of them that are in regular use.

What makes the perfect backyard?

Largely it depends on what you’ll be using it for but it’s perfectly possible to have a backyard that’s ideal for the kids to play, a great space for hobbies and delightful for enjoying family meals or special dinner parties.

  1. Most backyards feature a mixture of paving and planters and this is perfect – the paving is easy to clean and sweep but needs little maintenance.
  2. The planters provide color and the clever gardener will be able to incorporate small fruits and vegetables, and even fresh herbs to their planted areas.
  3. Ornamental plants are wonderful and you can select plants that attract butterflies or hummingbirds. If you want to use your backyard mostly in the evening, there are many varieties of plant that release their aroma when the sun goes down.

For outdoor cooking:-

  1. You can choose anything between a full outdoor kitchen or a tiny gas grill depending on the size of the space available.
  2. Add a sturdy dining table and comfortable chairs and you have an additional dining room that can be wonderful for entertaining.
  3. It’s a good idea to make sure that your backyard has shaded areas, particularly during the hotter months.
  4. You can use a canopy or even patio umbrellas. These are easy to move around and located exactly where you need them.
  5. Many parents want their children to get the benefits of the fresh air but are wary of the dangers of the sun’s rays in the warmer months.
  6. Setting up a play area under a large patio umbrella quickly provides and answer to this problem. If you’re reading or working on your laptop outside., an umbrella or canopy will reduce glare and help you to see more easily.

Design your backyard with care and take into account the needs of your family and you’ll have a beautiful living space that will extend and enhance your home.

Amber Glenn writes on behalf of Cedargate Landscaping, a company which focuses on backyard design ideas on a budget