Going Self Employed As A Trainer – 5 Simple Ideas

So you’ve decided to go freelance as a trainer right after graduation? Bravo! Here are 4 places you can start with.  Low cost but also low paying, but investment of 1 year for a lifetime of rewarding career is not a bad idea!

  1. Workshop for school students – Start with your Alma mater. Most schools would love the idea of a free session on career options for high school students. There are loads of good books and websites available on the subject. Read well and prepare games around the theme. Take a simple written feedback from the kids and share it with the school principal. Ask if  s/he can be quoted as your reference in case your clients would like to crosscheck.
  2. Workshop for college students – Topics like “How to write a good resume” drive a lot of crowd. Design 2-3 hour workshops on the topic and charge per head as entry fees. Keep the fees low, so foot fall is high. Distribute your contact details because these youngsters are going to have jobs soon! Start networking!
  3. First Aid Training – Check for government laws in your area and accordingly approach various clubs for free first aid training. Get yourself certified by Red Cross or take your family doctor with you. Again distribute cards and spend sometime chatting (read networking) with the club members. Again ask the President of the club to be a  reference.
  4. Contact Startup companies – Approach startups in your area and volunteer to do a TNA (Training Needs Analysis) for them for free (say no obligations). Then do a basic TNA and share the results with suggestions for training interventions. Tell them you can do it and quote a reasonable price.  Do some competition research beforehand so you can decide a reasonable price for yourself.

These ideas if implemented will give you  a good head start in your career as a self employed trainer. Also utilize this time to decide your niche as a trainer. Then you are on your way with lots of experience, contacts and references!