Lighted Neon Signs are Not Going Out of Style

Lighted neon signs are seen frequently around town, especially as evening approaches. They are often used outside of shops to indicate the type of store or in some cases they are mounted above the store indicating the store or company name. Even though they have been in use for years, there is no real indication that they are declining in popularity as they are not only an effective way to advertise but they are also a very commonly recognized sign that people will often look for when shopping or looking for a place to eat.

Neon signs usually need to be turned on at dusk and turned off in the morning, although these days it is quite simple to hook up a sign to a timer that automatically turns it on and off for you. Usually neon signs are placed either inside a window, where it shines onto the street, or on the outside of the building. Its primary purpose is to attract people to your establishment. Frequently used by restaurants and cafes, hairdressing salons, Karaoke and regular bars, they are also often utilized to indicate that an establishment is open for business.

These nifty signs can also be put to very good use indoors as well. They are great for hanging directly above a specific serving area, such as above the bar in a restaurant to indicate its location to all. Often used for giving directions, they can be placed along walls or hung directly from the ceiling. They are especially helpful in areas where the lighting is dim such as in movie theaters, bars and discos. However, even a regular business, particularly one that opens through the evening, can use them to their advantage as an additional advertising too. Placed above a corner display cabinet, for example, they can draw a persons attention to the display in situations where they may otherwise not notice it.

Blinking or flashing neon signs are very useful in getting peoples attention although they are not usually used in indoor locations. From a promotional perspective, however, in an area inundated with flashing neon lights and signs sometimes a single non-flashing sign can have more drawing power as it stands out from all of the other neon signs surrounding it. To use the power of lighted neon signs properly it is important to not only choose the right design but to also carefully plan your placement, making careful note of other signs around and how they may detract from the message you are trying to impart with your neon sign.