Pipeline Jobs Take You Around The World

They’ve been around for years, winding their way across countries, continents and the like – pipelines, servicing people around the globe. Whether it is a gas, an oil, or a water pipeline, hundreds, if not thousands, of workers maintain these metal snakes. They make sure the consumer gets the oil for his or her car, is able to use the gas stove and can drink the water provided.

The maintenance that must be done often has pipeline workers traveling and working in some of the world’s harshest climates and areas. It is for this reason pipeline companies want men and women who are willing to put up without the comforts of home. Pipeline jobs require a 100% effort from the employee.

Not all pipeline construction jobs have the worker in the wilderness worrying about grizzly bears. There are many jobs that are restricted to the cities. Engineering jobs, for example, have employees designing newer and better pumps to send the product through the pipeline. Negotiators are people that are employed to deal with the population of a town or country where part of the pipeline is due to be constructed. There are also the hundreds of office staff keeping welders, engineers, and other workers paid and happy.

The really nitty gritty of the job is, as one would expect, out in the wilds of Alaska or Russia. The employees there work in all kinds of conditions; the freezing cold in the winter and the blistering heat in the summer. Needless to say, these workers are paid well, very well indeed. Pipeline welding jobs and pipeline inspector jobs are continually advertised on various websites and unemployment office walls. An expert welder can make more money than he’s dreamed of if he’s prepared to work in the boonies for a time.

People that have trained and hold certificates in pipeline safety can also be considered well off after a few months of work. Inspectors do have an advantage over the welders – they get to move along the pipeline checking for broken welds and other construction weaknesses.

Applicants for pipeline welding jobs must be skilled in the various welding techniques. These applicants are, no doubt trained and tested prior to be put on a truck or helicopter and taken into the middle of nowhere. Likewise, the pipeline inspector jobs require a great deal of training and experience. It would be foolhardy to hire an inexperienced man or woman and tell him or her to check the welds on 400 miles of pipeline.

So if you’re thinking of getting away from it all, but can’t think of a job that would let you, search pipeline jobs – you’re bound to find something.