How An Opt In Email List Can Help Your Small Business

Most of the time when a small business man or woman herars the words ‘Opt In Email List’, they want to run away in the opposite direction. The reason is that their first thought when hearing those words are Spam! But what they don’t know, or don’t stop to listen for is those words ‘Opt In’. This simply means that everyone on that list have given their permission to be on it, and most importantly, to receive email from the host of the email list. So now that you know that these people actually want an email from the company hosting the list, are you ready to learn how to build an opt in email list that will help you small business?

As a small business consultant and Internet Marketer, it’s rare that I run across a small business that could not be helped by building their own email list. And it’s not super difficult either. Actually, learning how to build your own opt in email list for your small business takes very little time and is easy to implement. There are companies out there right now like Aweber that provide so much help through online video tutorials and FAQ pages, that nearly anyone smart enough to start a small business can learn how to set up a list on their website. Oh yeah, I did forget to mention that you’ll need a website for this, but nearly every small business owner has one of those these days!

Whether you own and operate a Bar, Landscape business, Restaurant, Clothing store, C-Store or nearly anything else, building a list can add a lot of money to your bottom line. How? Glad you asked, here’s how.

When you have an opt in email list full of people who’ve gave you their permission to contact them via email, then you have people who have already bought something from your or knows your business. Studies have suggested that people that are satisfied with a company are more likely to buy from them again. So? Well, let’s say your a restaurant and it’s Monday. Now everyone in the industry knows that Tuesdays and Thursdays are the slow days in the restaurant business. So on Monday afternoon, or even Tuesday morning, you send out an email to everyone on your list that you’re having a special on Tuesday’s Dinner menu! Make it a real value and watch how many people show up for the Special! But that’s now all, because we both know there’ll be a lot of people there who don’t like the Special and will order off the regular price menu!

Are you beginning to see how building an opt in email list can help your small business?