Target Your Niches Keywords With A Link Tracker

No site can make you money, if it doesn’t have high-volume traffic and if this traffic is not targeted. Search engines are known as a great way to drive free traffic to your site. SEO, and link building in particular, can help you get millions of visitors to your site.

Link building includes getting backlinks for free or paid from other sites, preferably in your niche. In addition to getting backlinks, you also need to track what happens with these backlinks.

Tracking what happens with these backlinks is part of link building you can’t skip. Why? Because if you don’t track your backlinks, you will never know if they still exist or not.

When you spend most of your time building one-way links from various sites in an attempt to promote your website across the Net and all of a sudden you see that these links are no longer available, this is very frustrating. When you add to this the fact that checking if your backlinks are available or not also takes time – much  time – it becomes obvious that even if you spend your whole life building backlinks, you will never top search engines. You are hardly willing to waste so much time for backlink building and for checking if your backlinks are still there. There must be a better way to build backlinks and that is with a backlink checker.

Backlink software eases backlink building for you because it automatically checks the validity of your backlinks and if a backlink has become invalid, you get a report for this.

Usually this report includes other useful data, for instance the Page Rank of the pages where your links are from. It is good to know the Page Rank of the linking pages because this way you can make an estimation about the effect of this backlink to your SEO rankings.  The general rule is that pages with high PR much more it useful to you.

Link trackers can save you lots of time and money. They also give you more control over backlink building. These are the main reasons to try link tracking software, if you haven’t already done it and see for your self how much improvement it will bring to you.