Here’s Why So Many Investors Are Choosing To Buy Real Estate In Nicaragua

Real estate is often a question of timing.  You want to position yourself early in an investment destination, before other investors take notice.  Maybe some tourists have arrived (or in the case of Nicaragua, it most often surfers who are the first to catch onto a new destination) but there’s out much of a hospitality industry yet.

The infrastructure is probably poor quality and you can’t find French wine or Italian cheeses for sale at the local shop.  But what you can probably find is great overseas real estate deals with considerable upside if you’re positioned in the ‘path of progress’

Fancy an ocean view lot just outside a bustling tourism town for under $30,000?  Or a two bedroom ovean view house for under $150,000.  The real estate in Nicaragua is available at prices that are tantalizing to many US investors.  Back home owning ocean side real estate is only for the very rich, but in Nicaragua you can purshase stunning properties for a fraction of the cost.

According to Purchasing Parity Data from the IMF, Nicaragua has the cheapest cost of living in Central America.  A good quality restaurant meal (on the beach if you desire) will cost around $5, add $1 for a beer.  Many expatriates enjoy full time household help.  If you are tempted by the possibility of living a ‘caviar lifestyle on a hot dog budget’, then Nicaragua is certainly worth a closer look.

Nicaragua has had a retirement program (modeled on the Costa Rica program) for many years designed to entice anyone aged over 45 to its borders.  In 2009, the government looked at the program again and decided to increase the benefits and tax exemptions on offer.  The result is one of the most benefit-laden retirement programs in the region.

If you’re interested in new cultures and new lifestyles, perhaps even learning a new language, than moving overseas may be just what you are looking for.  And remember that Nicaragua is only a short direct flight from most US hubs.