Small Businesses Need SEO

This information applies to any forward thinking business owner who appreciates how important advertising really is and realizes that how successful he is in this will determine how many times his phone rings on a daily basis.

I’m talking about search engine optimization and it is something every small business will have to invest in.  Its where much of the advertising dollars are moving and local business owners are going to be forced to move that way as well.

Radio has been dying for ten years, television is still decent but diluted due to the hundreds of channels not to mention expensive, and the phone books died several months ago.

The new frontier is the internet and that is where everyone is going when they need goods or services. Its the easiest way to find what you are looking for.  You log in, go to Google, and type in your search.  What could be more basic than that?

If a person lives in Portland and they need a plumber then they are typing in “plumber Portland.”  When a person in Denver needs a new roof he is going to Google and typing in “roofing Denver.”  Everyone is going to the internet to find that they need and if you do not have an online presence you will be left in the dust.

Its important that every small business start a local SEO campaign as soon as possible.  Why?  The internet is still the wild west but not for long.  Companies are going to the internet in droves.  Everyone wants to be page one for their term.

Age matters with Google.  The people who got in first have great domain authority.  They have a “relationship” with Google.  Search engines do not trust newer sites easily.  Many of them are spam.  It takes six months to a year to start earning trust and ranking for any good keywords when you start a new website.  If others are well optimized for that particular keyword it could take longer.  The sooner you start building trust and building a couple good back links the better!

Small business search engine optimization is the new industry.  Companies who cater to this need are growing rapidly in every city.  Its the local searches that are being targeted now.  If you are a small business who does not have a web presence it is time to start building one.

Keep in mind that the SEO field is littered with crooks. About 60-70% of them are unethical and liars.  Your job is to find the ones who are not.  Find the companies who are not reselling adwords, selling pipe dreams, or using spam to rank your site high only to see it fall when Google catches on.

No matter who you choose its time to start budgeting for SEO.  Its not an option any longer.