A Guaranteed Trade Show Marketing Approach

A trade show exhibit with an effective marketing strategy behind it will demonstrate the high quality of your products and services while convincing potential customers they need your company.  Companies that are successful at trade shows plan and begin implementing their event show marketing strategy long before the trade show begins and continue after the show with the follow up until the last lead is complete.

You may begin marketing your scheduled trade show exhibit up to a year prior to the event by using the company website and other online strategies to spread the word.  Adding event calendars, newsletters and forums to your website will reach a large portion of customers and leads; and if this is done early enough they will be able to plan to attend the event.  Offline marketing such as direct mailing invitations or notices of upcoming events is also an effective marketing idea.  Trade show giveaways such as coupons or contests will encourage prospective customers to attend the show; promotional material about your products and services should be included as well in order to keep their interest in your product.

Marketing during the event is your chance to stand out from your competitors, therefore, this time needs to be used to the fullest advantage.  Hand out information such as catalogs and information sheets to show customers how they can benefit by working with your company.  Newsletters and tip sheets create awareness and can often answer questions about your company or product once the customer has left your booth.  Be sure to collect contact information and make notes about each new lead.  You should include attractions that attract attention and create interest in your booth; cash cubes, money machines and other items will not only attract customers to your booth but will hold their interest until your staff can talk to them and get their contact information.

Follow up after the show is a vital component of your marketing strategy; use all of the contact information and comments collected during the show to talk with each contact.  It is also important and professional to send out any information needed to address any questions or concerns in a timely manner.  Sending out “thank you” cards is a way to demonstrate how much you appreciate the time each lead spent at your booth; you may even want to include additional promotional materials such as coupons or additional contests that will keep your company name in the customers mind.

Any company can go to a trade show but it takes a company that is willing to do some prior planning and lots of hard work to make a trade show profitable.  Making sure your customers are aware of the show, making sure they visit your booth while at the show and following up with all leads generated at the show are three ways your company will have a successful trade show experience.

For more information on how your trade show can be an overwhelming success, contact Bev Gray, a trade show expert with over 20 years of industry experience.