Help! My Office Is A Mess.

‘Help! My Office Is A Mess.’ Now isn’t that something that I keep hearing day in and day out. Helping out the HR department with problems like these is a somewhat cultivated speciality of mine. I have suffered through many of these problems myself as I have been working with the same company since I was 22. At that time everyone in the company had a single desk and it wasn’t a wide one at that.

Now remember, this was a time when computers were something you’d host in a room and if someone said ‘internet’ you’d wonder whether the CIA would air-drop in to pick them up for trying to tell us about something the Department of Defense was working on. It was the age of paper and when paper management was the route to organizational nirvana.

While my specific skills may seem a bit outdated in today’s world, the mounting evidence points to the contrary. Since everyone joining the workforce today has grown up using a computer, managing paper is a lost art. So here is a quick school in the few rules of managing the mounds of paper that are heading your way.

The first rule – get a bunch of wire mesh baskets. Sure plastic ones will do great as well, but you’d rather pick the stylish stuff. Next label them as Inbox, Outbox and Drafts. Not that I’m using the same moniker that popular email clients like outlook use. Of the three baskets, the drafts should be the biggest since all the papers form your active projects go there. Now it is a matter of simple filing and some color coding. Use colored post-its and post-it flags to differentiate one project from the other. When done, do remember to take of all the flags and the Post-Its from your files and your paper woes will disappear easy.