Equipment for a Fast Food Restaurant

The financial cost of opening up a fast food restaurant is high. One of the major investments required is the purchase of equipment for the new franchise. This article will describe some of the most important fast food equipment necessary for the aspiring franchise owner.

The most important equipment you will need is that required for cooking the food. If you are running a burger joint, the main item you will need is a char grill or broiler. These can run anywhere from $500 to $2000 or more. These grills come in a variety of sizes and with a host of features – you will have to make your final purchase decision based on the type of restaurant you are opening, expected output, size of the kitchen, and other factors.

Another important piece of equipment is a fryer. This can be used to make chicken, french fries, and some desserts. Deep fryers can range from $250 to $3000 and more. You will need to determine the volume of frying you will need to do when deciding which machine to purchase. There are also accessories, like baskets, you will need to purchase as well.

Besides equipment to cook the food, you can also purchase accessories that will improve the customer experience. Food warmers are an important item unless you want to serve cold food to your customers. One important accessory is a condiment station, where your customers can get ketchup, salt, pepper, napkins, straws, and more. Other accessories are the trays and baskets that customers will use to carry their food from the counter to their table. Many of these smaller items can be easily purchased online, such as on Ebay. (But watch out for an Ebay scam…)

Overall, fast food equipment is not cheap. You will have to have a lot of cash up front, not only for the franchise fee but for all the overhead required for your particular niche. If you are able to jump these hurdles, however, you should be able to run a successful business, as fast food is American food through and through.