Best Way to Offer a Business Card

Most businesspeople and professionals own a business card. This is because they believe in the influence of these cards to their business. Whether these are embossed business cards or personally made cards, they function as tool that can potentially expand anyone’s market.

Business cards are designed to be given after meetings or conversations. They are used to cement a short introduction between parties. Most often than not, these cards are kept for future reference by the person to whom you have given your card.

Some people would assert that there’s no wrong way to offer a business card as long as it ends up in the possession of a possible customer or business partner. However, this is not how other people think. The usual way of offering business cards is how a lot of professionals or businesspeople do – and that is to shake someone’s, say a brief introduction and hand over the card. To some, this is effective while others contend that flyers are better in this case.

Business cards are ideal to be given after a meaningful discussion about a common topic. Its benefits can be maximized when a rapport is built between two or more people as compared to just handing it out randomly. With a good relationship in place, brought about by a short talk or a long discussion, there is a higher chance that the receiver of the business card will call you to inquire about your product or service.

Take for example the case of realtors and construction professionals. There will be higher chances to land a deal if these construction business cards are given to a person after a short conversation about their needs to renovate or build a new home. As a professional, that chat is an opportunity to present a portfolio of previous projects.

The intention of business cards is to get it into the hands of would be clients, and the best way to realize its full benefits is by building a relationship before handing over the card.