Creative Ideas To Get More Clients

If you have a business and you need to introduce your new product or service into the marketplace, organizing a trade show is a great idea.  For example, if you sell popcorn, you can attract potential consumers by offering them fresh popcorn while they are passing by your location in a crowded supermarket.  Let them smell the fragrance of your popcorn by running a cooking demonstration on the spot.  You can also put a little scoop of popcorn into small polystyrene cups and give them free of charge to people who visit your booth.  These people will actually be your walking advertisers when they roam all over the supermarket while holding their little cups filled with your popcorn.

You can also give potential customers some gift certificates so that they are urged to try your product or service.  If Christmas is around the corner, you can regard it as a Christmas gift to your potential customers.  It is important to leave your contact number as well some brief information about your company.  When a consumer visits your booth and receives free products, that person will be spreading the news to family, friends, coworkers, and church members. This is an effective way for you to reach a large number of potential customers without spending a lot of money.  You can also offer a very low introduction price to the first few customers who make their purchase at your booth.  When they get to physically experience your product or service, there is a tendency for repeat purchases if your product/services offers good value.

You can also give away CD’s to everyone who visits your booth so that they can get to know more about your offering.  Remind your potential customers that they can listen to the CD in their car stereo CD player on their way back home.  By doing this, you are putting yourself way ahead from other sellers that only gives out written literature in pamphlets by reinforcing your product/service information while appealing to multiple human senses (hearing, touch, sight, smell, etc.).